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Insight report questions

Why are there gaps against a school or provider record?

From time to time you will see gaps. This can happen for a number of reasons including:

You do not offer that provision currently therefore we cannot provide an audit on you or others in your market place.

There may be gaps with competitors due to legal or statutory processes. For example, if one provider is entering into a merging process their data is normally hidden from sight.

We might have made a mistake! Tell us and we will look into it straight away.

If appropirate we will use an icon to represent the gap, this clarifies if its a gap in the data oand not just missing when we created your report output.

Are you sure this is right, it doesn't 'feel' right?

As there is gaps in the data we see, we have used many profiling tools and developed algorithms so you don't see any. We are mostly working with live data that aims to offer a different view from that which you may get in management information.

Whilst the data set is up-to-date often there is a lag between that being collected and published. Although some of your data is not based on actual returns but is reliable for the purposes we intend it to be used.

However, that does not mean you shouldn't ask questions. The more questions you ask, the more likely our data is to be correct now, and into the future. The words, 'this doesn't feel right' has been said by us many times too. Often when investigated it is clear why it doesn't. Again it doesn't mean its wrong just needs to be clarified. If you gut speaks, tell us and we will investigate.

We wouldn't expect to see this pattern.  Why is it represented like this?

We are sure you will have told us to specifically exclude a delivery venue, or it naturally falls into an exclusion below.

We also take decisions based on obvious areas of disconnect. For example, we can normally spot a distinct element of sub-contracted or remote delivery work that should be discounted from things like our catchment calculations.

Some of our students are missing, why aren't they represented in our catchment?

This can happen. For example, we have a venue-weighting calculation to ensure that anomalies of provision delivery do not affect the catchment of the college.

Let us know and we can adjust this, if it’s the right thing to do.

Why do you grade things differently from other research and insights agencies?

There are some established organisations in the education sector who have been around for a respectable amount of time.

We have ensured we do not compete with their offer and when designing our reports and structuring the calculations, we started from scratch using our professional industry expertise. So it has been done differently to support you in a more focused way.

Many of these differences are defined in the Marketing Library section of the website.

Which groups of competitors or funding streams have been removed from my report?

Groups below 40 or £100,000 income for a particular funding stream (e.g., 16-18 learners) at an individual venue.

We do not include SEND students. They are not deliberately excluded but because of their funding profile or qualification type they often don't form part of our initial groupings. If this is a specialism of yours, and if known in advance of setting up your report, we can focus on that distinct group for you.

International students are generally not included in general recruitment reports. Bespoke reporting on this distinct group of learners is available.

Full-cost provision will not be included by default. It can be included as part of a bespoke reporting option, contact us for more information.

I cannot see one of our delivery locations, why is it not on my report?

We might have excluded one deliverately. It won't be hard to put it back in, but only if it forms part of the area of investigation on that report and makes sese to do so! Otherwise we can look at a bespoke reporting option for you.