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Trust and relationships build over time!

We want you to trust our product, and more importantly the data we are using. 

So, we are offering our MiniSights Reports for FREE! These little snippets of information, to help you focus and get to know us and our reporting. 


All we ask is the opportunity to build a relationship with you.  If you like the MiniSights report, consider working with us, and if you don't, you lost nothing.  

  • New MiniSights released frequently

  • Limited quantity available for free (with qualifying discount code)

  • Bespoke to your college and offering new insights.

How do you get your discount code?

  • Our lovely friends at Forward & Thinking have an allocation for their clients.

  • Other partners have also been allocated some for their members. 

  • Existing Knowledge Members and the Gurus will be issued codes via their normal communication channels. 

  • A small number is available for new subscribers.  You can sign up now using the form on the right to send a request to join and to order a MiniSights report. 

How long will it take?

Up to 7 working days is needed to run any report.  THis is partly because they are run on allocated days to maximise efficiency.  We will issue your report (via your members area) as quickly as it is ready. 

All codes, regardless of the issuer, are provided on that you are a Knowledge Master Subscriber, its completely free. Your membership will be issued for six months and to qualify for future discounts, attendance at our knowledge sharing or blasts or access to the associated resources for anyone who decides to leave that programme. 

Codes can only be used by any organisation (single UKPRN) once. 

We will release new MIniSghts frequently. However there will be a limited quantity with a first come first servced approach.  Minisights are priced at £195 (plus VAT) if you do not have a discount code. 

Knowledge Masters Subscription

When you order your persoanlised  report, you will autmatically get signed up for the Knowledge Masters Subscription.  A free initial subscription to THe Knowledge Layer.  THis will give you ythe exclusive access to further MiniSights and offers.  You will also be able to access our Blasts and Sharing

How will I get mi

Our reports are built for each college, there is no magic button. Although a snap shot they aim to support teams and providers in the same way our main reports do.  They are available to those who are intersted in working with us, and therefore they are free of charge so long as you remain on ourKnwoledghe Masters subscription programme.  After six-months, you can remove yourself from the free progra,me. 

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