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Know Your Students:
School Leaver Insights Report

  • Uncover your school leaver market in detail

  • Understand your competitors and subject market shares

  • Build new relationships with local feeder schools

  • Informed by a clear and easy to communicate insights report

  • Support the delivery of change with powerful insights Identify opportunities.

Know & Grow: Employers  & Apprenticeships
  • Increase apprenticeship contracts;

  • Identify targets for your work-based training provision;

  • Gain more opportunities for school leaver placements 

  • Kickstart your employer journey with enriched relationships

  • Increase or start your T-Level delivery

  • Improve relationships with knowledge

Find out what we are thinking, doing, saying, who our best friends are and who we have been hanging out with lately. 

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Become a Master..

We understand!

We are the same as you, or we were.  We have lived the same challenges. 


We do things differently!

We understand what you need, the  challenges you face and your vision for the future.

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No pie charts, no bar charts, no graphs.... just the answers you need.

We deliver key measurements of performance or new calculations and algorithms that have been created to fit your selection of future improvement options. 

Meaningful graphics 

We have a simple approach - it's good (green), it's OK but could be better (amber) and it's not good and requires attention (red)!  Focus on the colour, the symbols are mostly there to reinforce the message not replace it.  

Powered by knowledge 

Our starting point is not primary research, it is the cost -effective aggregation of vast amounts of public and digital data for an entire sector. We apply new calculations that help tun this into information assets for your organisation.


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