Our very knowledgable friends & partners

The Knowledge Layer has been supported through its start-up planning and development by an incredible network of like-minded people and organisations. The generosity and enthusiasm that we have received has helped us to maximise our energy to develop our groundbreaking insights reports and ensure we keep on innovating with the support of others. We love our wonderfully loyal friends!

Here are some of our knowledgeable friends and partners, please check them out!

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A start-up that is taking the world of words by storm.  Working with the biggest of tech companies and with a range of clever uses across multiple industries, Wordnerds is a company with whom we are delighted to be associated.


Our previous experience of their work has confirmed them as an innovative company with a warm heart.  Theirs was one of the first doors on which we knocked to discuss our start-up and to ask for support and guidance.   


Thanks to the generosity of Pete and the team, we are working with them to understand what happens in social media accounts and how we can start to predict when situations might arise that could cause a huge online tsunami or questions or negativity.