The Knowledge Layer Internal Perception Survey delivered on behalf of The Knowledge College

This audit will give Knowledge College the opportunity to understand perceptions, and take positive action together to enhance our reputation.

We are working in partnership with Knowledge College to deliver an audit on your perception in your market place and how you compare against similar college's.

The first part of this audit involves you, the best asset any education provider can have, its staff.

First some reassurance from us......


The Knowledge Layer are conducting this survey independently. We will not see individual responses, only the final report.


Functions and responsibility are

grouped together only when there is a minimum of five in that group.


This is a supportive audit. We will work with all our internal and external stakeholders to effect positive change.

Choose your survey, based on your time

We know how busy people are in colleges and in our partner organisations. We want to gain a full view of each college’s perception from our internal and external stakeholders, but equally want everyone to have the opportunity to respond and contribute.


So, no matter how much time you have available you can make an impact by completing either the five, 10 or 20 minute versions of our survey.  


5-10 mintutes


Your opinion is really important!  Share your opinion of key statements about your college. 

10-15 minutes


Let us know what you think, and what you think others think about the college.

20-25 minutes


If you have time, we would appreciate your view on the college and your competitors.