Creating innovative content about your people (staff, students and governors)

Students and staff are an asset to any education provider. They have knowledge and experience that can be used to create content that demonstrates the quality of the institution, boosts research capabilities, and attracts students. By building a bank of content about your students and staff, you can demonstrate your reputation as an institution that is committed to quality education and employee development.

  • Current student success
  • Ex-student destinations
  • Ex-student profile
  • Ex-students salary
  • Graduates and their next steps
  • Internal staff awards
  • Internal student awards
  • Life changing impacts
  • Pastoral support
  • Skills competitions
  • Sporting success
  • Staff member profile

Top tips for making your content generation simple

  1. Start with planning and process mapping, including data capture methods and consult with service users.
  2. Allow time for scripting and story boarding, and briefing guidance for participants.
  • Add graphics, animations, or videos to enhance all evidence but use simple tools that don't need expertise.
  1. Create a distribution and promotion plan, plus a recycle protocol.
  2. Establish tracking of production, success analytics and improvement planning.

The embedded Airtable View below demonstrates how this can be aligned to your brand positioning statements, content type to focus on and what type of evidence this creates.

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