A unique tool to audit, benchmark and improve reputation within the education sector.

Built for the education sector

The Perception Gauge

The Perception Gauge is the perfect tool to audit your digital profile and create an understanding how you are perceived by students, employees, external partners, and the wider community.

This unique tool helps build your reputation by identifying any areas that may need improvement or are assets to differentiate you from your competitors.

The Perception Gauge

Measuring perception across four key areas


Historical curriculum performance, including progression, range and relevance.


Recognition from regulatory gradings as well as recognition through awards, contracts and grants.


Your brand's reach, dialogue, online engagement and sentiment measures.


Your core assets. Your people and culture of your organisation, stability financially and investment in your assets and resources.

The Perception Gauge

The Perception Gauge identifies your organisation's challenges and market positioning opportunities

Build brand equity

Assesses how all stakeholders (students, employees, parents, partners, and the wider community) see the organisation from an external perspective.

Unique sector benchmarking

Offers a comparison of you against your nearest competitors but also a unique benchmark model, Bench comparing you a

Cross departmental responsibility

Marketing, management, and leadership teams can use this to direct change management by creating a cross-organisation culture of reputation management.


The Perception Gauge offers you a unique comparison with your local competitors and those providers who are most similar to you across the country.

  • Interfaces can be personalised for your organisation.

  • Including over 50 perception monitoring measures.

  • Using digital data scanning your market place.

Would you like to begin the journey to audit and improve your organisation's perception? Get in touch to find out how we can support you to make effective and sustained improvements.

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Building PERSPECTIVE orientated content assets in education
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