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international recruitment

A robust and unique data tool to help independent schools in the United Kingdom understand their international market position and create growth through efficiently targeting the right global recruitment opportunities.

International students are a valuable source of revenue for the independent schools; however, recruitment can come with risks.


Inefficient marketing

It is difficult to find recruiting data that is reliable, and up-to-date leading to an inefficient approach to global targeting.


Geopolitical risk

The marketplace is also prone to geopolitical issues affecting even the most stable of providers.


Highly competitive

The challenge of breaking through the noise of established competitors can be challenging.

Our data product allows the sector to accurately view the full independent schools' applications by territory and by provider.

The Independent Schools market uncovered

The following view ranks independent schools by recruiting territory. This is an aggregated view of the sector based on 336 visa-sponsoring independent schools. This doesn't reflect actual enrollments; it's applications to study at the school in the UK.

Below is a snapshot of our data showing countries with increased, decreased, or static recruitment and what changed. This is for 300 UK independent schools from 2016 to 2020.

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