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Grow your

employer relationships

A robust and unique way of efficiently growing your apprenticeships and your employer markets by reaching out to those who are actively recruiting, in the right subject areas and with an understanding of their likelihood to change relationships.

Employer markets are essential to delivering further and higher education programmes and an organisation's ultimate success. The market is noisy and challenging.


Inefficient marketing

Buying data lists and making cold calls and emails can be unproductive and potentially damaging to future relationships.


Existing relationships

Contacting employers with existing relationships with alternative providers can be time-consuming and cause friction with partners, who could be your subcontractors.


Highly competitive

With increased government focus on apprenticeships and long-term placements, it's a challenging and competitive market.

Our data product saves you all the time and effort building new or expanding your existing relationships with employers.

The apprenticeship market in England uncovered

The following AirTable shows apprenticeship marketing in Bolton, England. Our robust grading methodology grades employers' efforts from zero to ten.

A easy to view dashboard

Each parliamentary constituency is presented in a unique dashboard view, giving a presentable view as plan your tactics for market growth.

Confidently make initial contact using an employer and vacancy view

Select an employer, grouped by the effort grading, and review their headline information including:

  1. Employer summary information.
  2. Effort grading.
  3. Overall vacancies by level and frequency.
  4. Known vacancies since 2018 to 2021 for that employer.
  5. Delivery partners for all vacancies.

Would you like to discuss how these insights can help you build your employer relationships? We would love to talk to you!

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