Delivering recruitment and reputational transformation consultancy for the education sector as part of The Knowledge Layer.

Employer & international data products now available for all providers

Presented in AirTable interfaces and with access to visually simple data tables allowing you to explore the data further and

Employer engagement

A full historical look at the employer market for apprenticeships drilling down to employers, their providers and historical activity.

International recruitment

Uncovering the international student recruitment market for independent schools, colleges, and universities.

Available for General Further Education and Specialist Colleges in England

The Perception Gauge

A unique tool that supports education providers with understanding their perception, focus organisational change and improve your brand's overall market position.

Delivered in an AirTable interface. `

Available for all providers of apprenticeships and adult education in England

Grow your employers

A full historical view of the employer market for apprenticeships. Drilling through to employers, their associated providers, and all historical recruitment activity for the previous three years.

Delivered in an AirTable interface for individual parliamentary constituencies

Available for all independent schools in United Kingdom

Grow your international student market

A four-year historical trend of the UK education admissions market which includes:

Nationality of students applying to each provider.

Which providers are leading international markets?

Opportunities to build, grow or replace your market.

Delivered in an AirTable interface grouped by education provider type.

Student, stakeholder & internal pulse surveys

Offering ready developed, and automated, student, stakeholder, and partner insights.

Student motivation

Enrolment, progression, and no-show insights

Stakeholder perceptions

Internal and external perceptions

Alumni destinations

Ex-student destinations for reporting and profile development

Learner & apprentice recruitment

If you need to increase enrolments, but limited budget we will work on a lead, recruitment, or enrolment commission basis. The answers to your biggest challenges are time and data, we can help with either or both.

Apprentice pipeline recruitment

Increase your apprenticeship recruitment with a pipeline of available students for your employers.

Employer sales and marketing

Employer sales and marketing for adult skills based short or distance learning courses, as well as employer recruitment.

Schools' engagement

Growth through relationship brokering and insights gathering and creating innovative programmes of school engagement activity.

Bespoke, project or contracted support

Other strategic areas of support for you....

Internal communications to drive change management

Strategy and campaign formation for growth

Digital change through people, processes, and performance monitoring

Creating culture-focused content to deliver key messages

Referral, affiliate & influencer programmes

Brand positioning and evidence matrix creation

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