Insights for the education sector

We turn information into a valuable asset to support the growth of your organisation!  

Information has the potential to drive our growth, create positive change, increase efficiency and support our teams with clear direction. There is a wealth of information available to grow our markets but unfortunately it can be daunting to manage and at best often overwhelming to process into a useable format that informs others and supports change.


Even when we know what questions to ask, or where to find the answers, finding the time to gather the information and present it in a way that will inform your next steps is extremely difficult. Turning the data into something that helps to clearly communicate those insights to inf­­luence others is the next challenge.  However, we need the information as evidence to demonstrate how to protect the organisation and to grown suitable markets! 


We have designed and developed a suite of insights reports that give you the head start that you need.


These are delivered to busy marketing and leadership teams in the education sector to provide greater understanding of how to:

  • Grow student recruitment 

  • Understand your reputation

  • Map competitors’ behaviour 


Our insights reports cover all aspects of education from nurseries through to universities and every age group enrolled in them. 


Want to know more?


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