Meet the Knowledge Layer

Our energy and innovation have driven us to create practical digital tools to support the easy delivery automated transactional activity with insights at the heart of all our solutions.  Our solid base of founding directors and advisors brings 40 years' collective experience in leaderships roles within education and IT, fronted by our customer-focused team.

Driven by fairness and genuine honesty, we are a straightforward set-up MarTech with a grand (and very achievable) plan.  We are bringing solutions and knowledge to those who have struggled to access them previously due to affordability or limited resources. 


Craig Millar

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"Starting with the picture -  I am the proud daddy of a gorgeous (and very naughty) little beagle pup called Georgie. 

The combination of a degree in Information Systems, and 16 years in marketing leadership roles led me to  The Knowledge Layer.  It's an idea that has been building for years and, with the support of some amazing people whom I have known personally or professionally for years, I have brought this company to life. 


My drive is to make things simpler - there is always an easier way.  By working in industry clusters, we are simplifying processes, automating transactional activity and driving growth with sector-specific insights. 


Outside of work, I am happiest when at the gym in the morning (when they are open), watching some quality theatre (when theatres are open), lying on a beach (when we could get there) and having the odd night out or two.

I also privileged to be a Trustee for ReportOUT, a charity that has huge ambition, massive potential and is already making a real impact on human rights across the globe."

Victoria Anderson Business Development Director The Knowledge Layer picture

Victoria Anderson

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"Other than analysing my calorie intake and balancing it with the all important high energy calorie burn, I left a scientific education to work in business development for most of my career.

As a scientist, I know the answers are always there but it takes time to delve into the data and find them.  That is time that I have never had in my time, preferring to focus on building relationships and getting to know my clients. 


The Knowledge Layer is the solution that I have been looking for all of my career.  Digital tools that are driven by data and that make my job easier.

I am a mum to two gorgeous boys and two gorgeous and fluffy cat boys!"